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INFINITI Coaches’ Charity Challenge 2018

College basketball teams and their fans are gearing up for another season of March Madness … but with a twist! University of Oregon’s Men’s Basketball Coach Dana Altman is competing in the INFINITI Coaches’ Charity Challenge against other college basketball coaches across the country to WIN $100,000 for the #1 charity of his choosing: Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The competition isn’t just on the court this season but on YOUR individual cellphones, laptops, you name it! Any device with an internet connection can visit INFINITITIMEOUT.COM and vote for Coach Dana Altman, quick and easy!

But it doesn’t stop there. You can vote 3 TIMES EVERY DAY!

Let us tell you the different ways how:

  • First, vote through INFINITITIMEOUT.COM.
  • The next page will give you the option to ‘share’ on Twitter that you voted, just ADD the hashtags #Timeout2Vote #CoachDanaAltman for a SECOND vote!

  • You can also share that you voted on Instagram by posting a picture of your hands making the timeout gesture, slap on a black and white filter and include hashtags #Timeout2Vote #CoachDanaAltman. Making that your THIRD vote!

  • Bottom line: As long as you include those TWO hashtags on any Twitter and ‘timeout’ Instagram posts (only once per day for each), your additional votes will count!

In the spirit of March Madness, the competition is divided into rounds. There are 4 rounds total!

We need to make sure that Coach Altman makes the cut EVERY round! … And don’t worry, we’ll let you know when the pressure is ON.

There are also BONUS social media voting rounds, in which Coach Altman can win extra $$$ for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Follow us on social media to stay informed and keep in touch! … GOOOO DUCKS!